She who reads infinitely

Hi, I’m Eliza. I’m a romance-reading, paperback hoarder from London. My obsession with romance first started in my early teens when I discovered Katherine Applegate’s Making Out series. I loved delving into the lives of the Chatham Island teens, experiencing the trials and tribulations of growing up and falling in love.

University saw me swap my romances for textbooks, but it wasn’t until a certain Mr. Grey that my reading made a vengeful reappearance. In my search for more contemporary reads, I stumbled across Goodreads, and the rest is history.

My transition from reader to blogger came in 2014 when I starting reviewing with Smokin’ Hot Book Blog. Blogging has not only opened my word to new authors and sub-genres of romance but has also been the catalyst to amazing friendships I‘ve made with fellow readers and bloggers in the community.

I’ve enjoyed broadening my reading choices in terms of sub genres this year. Historical Romance in particular has been a huge hit for me and I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to catch on. My other sub-genres of choice include erotica, contemporary, suspense, dark romance, comedy, new adult & sports romance.

I have yet to master the appeal of love triangles, something I’ve traced back to Dawson’s Creek watching days and a certain Joey Potter. I mean, what the hell did Pacey see in her anyways?! Lol!

I’m an ardent flag flyer for the HEA and will withstand trilogies to get it. I have also been known to take the leap with a cliffhanger.

My vices include drunk reading and prolific procrastination.

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